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Provo, Utah, Utah, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bigelow, John Young  21 Mar 1866Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I23
2 Bonnett, Harvey Glen  3 Nov 1897Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I768
3 Dennis, Mary Jane  27 Jun 1867Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I22
4 Ewell, Arthur Jr  10 Sep 1922Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I736
5 Ewell, Dorthy Delight  26 Mar 1908Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I766
6 Ewell, James Neil  14 Jul 1932Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I733
7 Ewell, John Albert  13 Sep 1858Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I29
8 Ewell, Lawrence Berry  8 Dec 1929Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I746
9 Ewell, Merling Laura  26 Oct 1903Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I927
10 Pratt, Clarrissa May  6 May 1903Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I898
11 Pratt, Fern Lauree  17 Apr 1906Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I900


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Dennis, Mary Jane  6 Apr 1933Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I22
2 Ewell, Arthur Emanuel  22 Jun 1961Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I734
3 Ewell, Franklin Marion  24 Dec 1923Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I13
4 Jolley, Robera  2 Jan 1963Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I735
5 Thompson, Kate  5 Aug 1939Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I21


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Bigelow, Elvira Lillian  15 Dec 1952Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I24
2 Burgi, Clara  27 Dec 1934Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I788
3 Cox, Emma Jean  Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I769
4 Dennis, Mary Jane  8 Apr 1933Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I22
5 Ewell, Francis Marion  Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I10
6 Ewell, Franklin Marion  Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I13
7 Ewell, Lorenzo Hyrum  21 Mar 1927Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I14
8 Ewell, William Walter  30 Oct 1950Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I16
9 Mecham, Elvira Jane  7 Jan 1920Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I802
10 Thompson, Kate  9 Aug 1939Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I21
11 Weech, Frances Mary  Provo, Utah, Utah, USA I11


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cunningham / Pratt  10 Apr 1919Provo, Utah, Utah, USA F325
2 Ewell / Burgi  7 Nov 1912Provo, Utah, Utah, USA F269
3 Ewell / Dodds  27 Aug 1917Provo, Utah, Utah, USA F41
4 Jolley / Ewell  2 Mar 1921Provo, Utah, Utah, USA F346
5 Pratt / Robertson  16 Aug 1902Provo, Utah, Utah, USA F319