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of, Madison, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Berry, Emily  Abt 1824of, Madison, Virginia I84
2 Brown, John  Abt 1803of, Madison, Virginia I7636
3 Brown, Thomas W.  Abt 1871of, Madison, Virginia I632
4 Bruce, John  Abt 1804of, Madison, Virginia I7635
5 Cary, Robert  Abt 1813of, Madison, Virginia I497
6 Clore, James Cleaveland  1870of, Madison, Virginia I683
7 Corbin, Jane  Abt 1834of, Madison, Virginia I976
8 Crow, L.  Abt 1805of, Madison, Virginia I1579
9 Hawkins, Mary Annie  Abt 1885of, Madison, Virginia I1023
10 Herndon, Nathaliel  Abt 1847of, Madison, Virginia I1077
11 Jenkins, Aaron  1809of, Madison, Virginia I1609
12 Jenkins, Elkanah  Abt 1807of, Madison, Virginia I6636
13 Lillard, Lucy E.  May 1829of, Madison, Virginia I1040
14 Murray, Martha  Abt 1813of, Madison, Virginia I582
15 Reddish, James W  Abt 1832of, Madison, Virginia I1094
16 Sisk, Benjamin  Abt 1805of, Madison, Virginia I139
17 Smith, Benjamin  Abt 1774of, Madison, Virginia I7949
18 Smith, Fielding  1805of, Madison, Virginia I7634
19 Smith, Mary  Abt 1786of, Madison, Virginia I135
20 Tanner, Bettie Taylor  Feb 1867of, Madison, Virginia I703
21 Thomas, Sallie E.  15 Sep 1845of, Madison, Virginia I589
22 Tussing, Julie Frances  Abt 1855of, Madison, Virginia I1088
23 Utz, Lillian C.  10 Jul 1864of, Madison, Virginia I1487
24 Utz, Martha J.  Abt 1818of, Madison, Virginia I1470
25 Walker, A. P.  Abt 1865of, Madison, Virginia I1468
26 White, Ann Nancy  Abt 1811of, Madison, Virginia I6656
27 Yowell, A. G.  Abt 1865of, Madison, Virginia I1465
28 Yowell, Biddie  Abt 1806of, Madison, Virginia I138
29 Yowell, Cornelia  Abt 1846of, Madison, Virginia I7543
30 Yowell, David  Abt 1755of, Madison, Virginia I8058
31 Yowell, Eddie G.  Abt 1876of, Madison, Virginia I1480
32 Yowell, Gus  Abt 1855of, Madison, Virginia I7542
33 Yowell, Henry  Abt 1857of, Madison, Virginia I7534
34 Yowell, Henry Nathaniel  14 Sep 1858of, Madison, Virginia I956
35 Yowell, James S.  Abt 1860of, Madison, Virginia I1494
36 Yowell, John  Abt 1745Of, Madison, Virginia I8059
37 Yowell, John  Abt 1759of, Madison, Virginia I1473
38 Yowell, Lewis  Abt 1853of, Madison, Virginia I7522
39 Yowell, Lucy Y.  Abt 1847of, Madison, Virginia I1615
40 Yowell, Madison  Abt 1851of, Madison, Virginia I7541
41 Yowell, Martha  Abt 1800of, Madison, Virginia I1619
42 Yowell, Mary  Abt 1861of, Madison, Virginia I1623
43 Yowell, Rhoda  Abt 1806of, Madison, Virginia I1641
44 Yowell, Sarah  Abt 1876of, Madison, Virginia I1648


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Yowell / Eddings  Of, Madison, Virginia F2979