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Santaquin, Utah, Utah



Matches 1 to 28 of 28

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Boyle, William Henry Jr  19 Oct 1874Santaquin, Utah, Utah I5074
2 Christensen, James Newell  3 Oct 1911Santaquin, Utah, Utah I15535
3 Cushing, Ethel Jane  11 May 1887Santaquin, Utah, Utah I4585
4 Cushing, Heber Zachariah  31 May 1885Santaquin, Utah, Utah I2774
5 Cushing, Lucretia Elizabeth  12 Nov 1883Santaquin, Utah, Utah I2877
6 Cushing, Mary Jane  13 Jun 1881Santaquin, Utah, Utah I6668
7 Cushing, Samuel Hosea  13 Feb 1880Santaquin, Utah, Utah I4220
8 Cushing, William Peter  18 Jul 1882Santaquin, Utah, Utah I4067
9 Egilson, Arvle Guy  10 Nov 1898Santaquin, Utah, Utah I15677
10 Egilson, Sylan LaMont  4 Aug 1905Santaquin, Utah, Utah I15686
11 Egilson, Wallace Wayne  11 Oct 1901Santaquin, Utah, Utah I15683
12 Egilson, Wanda  4 Sep 1903Santaquin, Utah, Utah I15684
13 Ewell, Martha  24 Dec 1886Santaquin, Utah, Utah I4771
14 Holman, Eli Shirl  17 Feb 1892Santaquin, Utah, Utah I4114
15 Holman, Ursel Jones  29 May 1917Santaquin, Utah, Utah I4063
16 Jones, Edna  16 May 1895Santaquin, Utah, Utah I4061
17 Jones, Etha  16 May 1897Santaquin, Utah, Utah I2885
18 Jones, Lydia Ann  22 Aug 1888Santaquin, Utah, Utah I2884
19 Jones, Martha Elizabeth  18 Apr 1886Santaquin, Utah, Utah I4570
20 Jones, Mary Alice  21 Sep 1883Santaquin, Utah, Utah I6666
21 Jones, Orin Marion  20 May 1894Santaquin, Utah, Utah I4589
22 Jones, Peter Frederick  2 Aug 1878Santaquin, Utah, Utah I5900
23 Jones, Sarah Emma  28 Aug 1876Santaquin, Utah, Utah I6667
24 Jones, Willard Henry  11 Aug 1880Santaquin, Utah, Utah I6669
25 Jones, William Heber  31 Jul 1890Santaquin, Utah, Utah I4223
26 Jones, Zachariah Henry  7 Jun 1873Santaquin, Utah, Utah I4109
27 Smith, Benjamin Clive  23 Feb 1899Santaquin, Utah, Utah I4787
28 Stewart, Elizabeth Jane  31 May 1870Santaquin, Utah, Utah I787


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Cannon, Florence  27 Nov 2006Santaquin, Utah, Utah I11746
2 Cushing, Samuel Roswell  29 Feb 1936Santaquin, Utah, Utah I4060
3 Ewell, Alice Verda  7 Feb 2007Santaquin, Utah, Utah I4839
4 Ewell, Martha  24 Dec 1886Santaquin, Utah, Utah I4771
5 Ewell, Mary Elizabeth  21 Dec 1966Santaquin, Utah, Utah I4773
6 Jones, Peter  15 Oct 1890Santaquin, Utah, Utah I4580


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Cannon, Florence  Santaquin, Utah, Utah I11746
2 Cushing, Samuel Roswell  2 Mar 1936Santaquin, Utah, Utah I4060
3 Ewell, Ernest Leland  12 Oct 1992Santaquin, Utah, Utah I4845
4 Ewell, Ervin Taylor  Santaquin, Utah, Utah I4846
5 Ewell, Franklin Marion  24 Mar 1958Santaquin, Utah, Utah I100
6 Ewell, Margaret Martha  Santaquin, Utah, Utah I4784
7 Ewell, Mary Elizabeth  26 Dec 1966Santaquin, Utah, Utah I4773
8 Ewell, Thomas Milo  2 May 2000Santaquin, Utah, Utah I4842
9 Ewell, William Thomas Jr  Santaquin, Utah, Utah I4765
10 Jones, Emma Keziah  29 Dec 1888Santaquin, Utah, Utah I4237
11 Jones, Peter  Santaquin, Utah, Utah I4580
12 Smith, Benjamin Clive  Santaquin, Utah, Utah I4787
13 Taylor, Alice Tamer  10 Jan 1987Santaquin, Utah, Utah I4778
14 Taylor, Emma Louise  Santaquin, Utah, Utah I4777
15 Throckmorton, Sidney Daniel  Santaquin, Utah, Utah I4853


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cushing / Jones  24 Jul 1879Santaquin, Utah, Utah F1527
2 Smith / Ewell  4 Aug 1923Santaquin, Utah, Utah F1950
3 Steele / Ewell  29 Sep 1924Santaquin, Utah, Utah F1959