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NOTE: The relationship between Simon and John Harr born 1777 has not yetbeen substantiated , though many Harr descendants report Simon is John'sfather.

!BIRTH-DEATH: DAR Patriot Index, Castlewood Public Library, Englewood,CO, R929.373, page 305 : "Harr, Simon; b. 1725, d. 3/-/1797; m. (2) EveBrouzler, (3) Margaret Baer; Sol. VA. See D -2 in the files of JanetGesas Hornick, Englewood, CO. NOTE: In 1996 Jan applied to the Nati onalArchives for his pension record. However, they found none. See H-29, #2.

!BIRTH-DEATH: "Simon Harr was born in Prussia, Germany about 1725.Reliable family traditio n indicates that Simon was born in Prussia,which is a coastal region on the southeast of th e Baltic Sea on the ElbeRiver in northern Germany. Simon died in March 1797 in Strasburg, Shenandoah Co., Virginia, at 71 years of age." Alfred Droke, Report onSimon Harr (1725-1797) , Copy in possession of the compiler, (hereaftercited as Droke, Report on Simon Harr). Infor mation from Paul E.Lawrence, 1999. See website, updated April 13, 1999 and prepared by: Paul E. Lawrence, 13 Park Terrace, Fairfield Glade, TN 38558, (931)456-4776. Send email to pre parer: lawrpaul@multipro.com. Paul'swebsite address is: http://www.uftree.com/UFT/WebPages/lawrence_paul/HARR/index.htm#si .

!SON: "Taylor County in Profile, Vol. 1-6", FHL 975.455 H25t submitted byDoris Jean Rector A nderson reported Simon to be the father of John Harr(1777). In the same publication, Vol. 1 0, Lois Greathouse Gindlespergerreported the same information. This information is also rep orted in"Marion County History" published in 1985. See M-24. See also H-30 andH-26, #2.

!CHILDREN-SPOUSE: FHL International Genealogical Index provided threechildren: John Harr (p robably John Henry), 1762; Frederick Harr, 1765;and Mathias Harr, 1767, born to: Simon or Ha ns Jacob Harr and anElizabeth in Strasburg, Shenandoah, Virginia in the 1760's and a David Harr born to Simon or Hans Jacob Harr and Eve Printzler born in 1778. SeeH-26, #2. NOTE: Th e names John, Frederick and David Harr correlatedwith names from his settlement.

!MARRIAGE: "Shenandoah County Marriage Bonds", 1772-1850, compiled byVogt and Kethley, pub . 1984, DPL G929.375595 V868sh, page 110: "Harr,Simon and Eve Brouzler, 5 July 1774, by Rich ard Campbell" and Harr,Simon and Eve Printzler, 2 July 1774." See Notebook V, pages 5 and 1 9.

!RE-MARRIAGE: FHL Film 33929, USA Virginia, Shenandoah County, "MarriageRegister 1781-1850 , Births 1772-1782,", filmed April 1952. Page 29:"Simon Harr and Margaret 'Bear' (widow -- - smudged, hard to read), Nov1, 1791." Difficult to read who performed the marriage. NOTE : He wouldhave been about 65.

RE-MARRIAGE: "Shenandoah County Marriage Bonds", 1772-1850, compiled byVogt and Kethley, pub . 1984, DPL G929.375595 V868sh, page 110: "Harr,Simon and Margaret 'Biar', 30 Oct 1790 - wid ow." See Notebook V, page5. NOTE: The date is likely 1791.

!BIOGRAPHICAL-IMMIGRATION NOTES: From Paul Lawrence: "Simon was employedas a Minister and Sc hool Teacher at St. Paul's Lutheran Church. Simonimmigrated to Philadelphia 2 September 1749 ." The source cited was:Rupp, comp., "Thirty Thousand Names of German Immigrants into Pennsylvania 1727-1776", page 193 (hereafter cited as Rupp, German Immigrants).

!IMMIGRATION: Hans Jacob Haar (Hans is the diminutive for Johannes whichin English is John ) is among those listed as arriving in the shipChesterfield, Thomas Coatam, Master, from Rot terdam, last from Cowes, onSept. 2, 1749. NOTE: These 255 individuals were reported to be "Wurttembergers." It is believed that this Hans Jacob Haar and Simon Harrare one and the same . See "Thirty Thousand Names of Immigrants inPennsylvania, 1727-1776," DPL G929.3 R878cog 19 65, page 193.

HISTORY: Simon was a school teacher and Lutheran minister who performedmany marriages in She nandoah County. See Notebook III, pages 39-42.

E.E. Keister reported in his book, "Strasburg, Virginia and The KeisterFamily", published i n 1972, FHL 975.595/S1 D2k, page 51: "ShenandoahCounty court records reveal that Harr perfor med 368 marriages between1781 and 1796. However, Harr's chief mission was that of ministeri ng tothe needs of the children of the community in the church's littleparochial school whic h stood on Queen Street next to the old communitycemetery where the Mt. Zion Methodist Churc h now stands." On page 14:"The Lutherans opened a regular school with a salaried teacher, S imonHarr, who was much esteemed by the head of the Lutheran Church inAmerica, Henry Melchio r Muhlenberg. Harr also provided services andreadings for the congregation." See V-3b NO TE: It is an excellentsource for background information.

In the book, "A History of the Lutheran Church in Virginia and EastTennessee", Cassell, 1930 , DPL 929.1755 C272hi, on page 26 was reported:"We must follow the Lutheran pioneers in ou r narration for they did notstop in southwest Virginia, but continued their difficult journe ythroughout the southwest counties of Tennessee...Some of the Virginiasettlers did not hav e far to go to find homes in Sullivan County,Tenn...In Sullivan County lived the following L utherans: Simon Haar(Harr), John Harr,...(p. 27) "Four great families made the Lutheran Church prosper..Decks, Hanchers, Harrs and Senakers. " (p. 28). See H-29,#3. NOTE: No specifi c dates were given on pages 26-28, but the 1700'sthrough 1793 were mentioned on page 25.

Simon is also mentioned in the book "Twenty-five Chapters on theShenandoah Valley", publishe d 1957; FHL 975.59 H2w, page 138. By 1782marriages were being performed by Simon Harr and o thers. See H-24, #5.

MINISTRY: FHL Film 0033866, Will Book B, 1772 - 1784, etc., page 175.Simon makes a contrac t (more a declaration of intention) with PatrickHenry, Esq., Governor of Virginia, 27 July 1 785, in which he pledges 500pounds in order to serve as a "Lutherian Minister" and that he w ill be"'intiteled' an act to regulate the solemnization of matrimoney." He hadproduced "t o the County Court of Shenandoah a certificate of hisordination agreeable to an act of assem bly passed in October 1784."Sealed & Delivered In the presence of Simon Harr, Alexander Hit e,Francis Ravenhill." See Notebook IV, pages 35-37.

INVENTORY: FHL Film 0033868, Shenandoah County Will Book E, withInventories and Accounts, 17 96-1802, page 286: "Invantory of the GoodsChattles and Credits of the Estate of Simon Harr L ate dec. appraised Inobedience of an order of the Court of Shenandoah County April term 179 7appraised..the 27th day of April 1797." See IV, page 37 and copy of theinventory in the f iles of Janet Gesas Hornick. NOTE: Individualspurchasing goods June 11, 1799 were: Widow Ha rr, John Harr, FrederickHarr, David Harr, Lawrence Snapp and others. Among his goods were ma nybooks, some in "Germain" and French. Amount of money collected was125.5.8 pounds. See H -29.

Following are notes from Paul E. Lawrence received September 1998.

FIRST MARRIAGE: From Paul Lawrence: My Harr information indicates thatSimon Harr was born ab out 1725 in Prussia. His name was actually HansJacob Haar on the passenger list of the shi p Chesterfield which arrivedfrom Rotterdam on 2 Sep. 1749. He married his first wife Elizab eth about1756 in Pennsylvania. She also was born in Germany. Elizabeth died 18Oct. 1774 i n Strasburg, Shenandoah Co., Virginia. See H-29, #3.

On Nov. 1, 1757, at Winchester, Frederick County, Virginia, Jacob Harr,bought from T. Phill ip Rameath essential items for living and furnishinga dwelling including a large Dutch Bible , spinning wheel, carpentertools, wagon, horses, cows, and farm equipment. No other recor d of aJacob Harr has been found in records searched. On July 17, 1778 and Nov.16, 1778, Si mon Harr bought 3 adjoining lots fronting on the east sideof Washington Street running nort h from Wolfe Street, in Winchester,Frederick County, Virginia. On Aug. 3, 1779, Simon and hi s wife, Eve,sold these lots.

The tax lists for Shenandoah County, Virginia, town of Strasburg, showthe following:
Simon Harr - 1783, 1785, 1788. The tax lists of 1783 shows Simon, wifeand 5 children. Th e 1785 tax lists shows Simon, wife, 3 children,dwelling and barn.
John Harr - Son of Simon Harr - 1785, 1788. The 1785 tax lists showsJohn, wife, and one ch ild. The 1788 tax lists only showed the name ofthe household.
A 1805 tax list showed John and Joseph as males over 16.

Simon and John lived next door to each other and the renowned Lutheranminister, Paul Henkle , lived only one door away. Paul Henkle was fromPennsylvania and carried Lutheranism to th e people of the valley ofVirginia, east Tennessee, and western North Carolina, and, on occas ions,between 1785 and 1790, he preached at Immanual Lutheran Church, SullivanCounty, Tennes see. John Harr subsequently moved to the area of ImmanualChurch and became a member of Imman ual Lutheran Church.

On April 27, 1797, by order of the court of Shenandoah County, Virginia,the estate of Simo n Harr, deceased, was appraised. The estate, asinventoried and appraised showed household fu rnishings, etc. and books,including a large Dutch [probably Deutsche or German] Bible, and o theritems like those purchased by Jacob Harr in Winchester, Frederick County,Virginia, in 1 757. The inventory included several smoking pipes andaccessories. His personal property wa s appraised at a total value of147 pounds in Virginia currency, which was considerable at th e time, andthis did not include the value of land, dwelling, and other buildingstructures . He appears to have been financially sound even when hearrived in Virginia. The sale of p ersonal property in settlement of hisestate was held Apr. 28, 1797. His widow and sons, an d Lawrence Snapp,were among those purchasing items. His widow and sons took most of theboo ks in his library written both in German and English.

There is a bronze plaque at the front of St. Paul's Lutheran Church inStrasburg, Shenendoa h County, Virginia which states that "this churchwas established in 1747 by German settlers , that the congregation'sfirst school was conducted by Simon Harr beginning in 1778 until 18 15."["Tombstone Inscriptions Woodstock & Vicinity, Shenandoah Co., Virginia"]Borden, 1983 , page 317.] However, the 1815 date has to be incorrect asSimon Harr died in March 1797.

The records of St. Paul's Lutheran Church show that in March 1770 SimonHarr and his wife El izabeth were named God Parents of Catherine Schmitt,daughter of Valentine and Maria Schmitt , when Catherine was baptized.All of the church records were written in German script unti l 1830 andStrasburg, where the church was established and continues today, wasfirst named S taufferstadt.

"The History of the Lutheran Church in Virginia 1717 - 1962", byEisenburg, reflects the fol lowing about Simon Harr [CI:178:?3:CI];Droke, Report on Simon Harr:

1. That he was a worthy schoolmaster at Strasburg, Virginia.
2. That in 1763, he began correspondance with Henry M. Muhlenburg whichlasted more that 2 0 years. H. M. Muhlenberg was a renowned Lutheranminister living in Pennsylvania.
3. That when Peter Muhlenburg, son of H. M. Muhlenburg came toWoodstock, Virginia to preac h, he and Simon became good friends and thatPeter delivered letters from Simon Harr to H. M . Muhlenburg inPennsylvania.
4. That Simon Harr was a quasi-minister of the Lutheran Church.
5. That Simon Harr began teaching at Strasburg, Shenandoah County,Virginia in 1763 and clo sed his career in 1796.
6. That he taught, preached, performed baptisms and marriages, andpreached funerals. Hi s performance of 368 weddings between 1781 and1796 is of record.
7. That Simon Harr arrived in Strasburg, Virginia about 1755, and thathe served as the con gregation's first schoolmaster.
8. That his presence in the community until 1796 was unquestionablyresponsible for preserv ing solely Lutheran traditions. (He died in March1797).
9. That though no record of his ordination had been found, he had infact been a minister ( with the sanction of the church authorities inPennsylvania).

"St. Paul's Lutheran Church was destroyed by federal troops during theCivil War and was part ially restored in 1867, with complete restorationby 1897 through redesigning and additions."

"Based on the above information, Droke, in his manuscript, [CI:180:?3:CI]concluded that it i s likely that Hans Jacob Harr, the immigrant, andSimon Harr were one and the same person, an d that for some good reasonthe given name Simon was adopted or perhaps given to him by his w ife orothers, and used by him and associates."

Droke reported: "The name of an apostle of Christ was Simon." "Too, theEnglish, who governe d the colonies until 1776, customarily wanted firstnames for records purposes and Hans (Joha nnes-John) may have beenchanged to Simon avoiding problems of identity between him and his s onJohn. First name use was English custom while Germans went by second andthird given name s - Simon may have been his third given name."

"It is believed that Simon Harr and Henry M. Muhlenburg and his son,Peter, knew each other i n Pennsylvania before 1757 through work in theLutheran Church, and that, at the direction o f Henry Muhlenburg, Simoncame to St. Paul's Lutheran Church in 1757 as an emmissary of the Lutheran Church. Simon Harr arrived in the area of Winchester-Strasburgbetween 1755 and 175 7 and in 1757, in Winchester, he bought the personalproperty necessary for establishing a ho me. Records indicate that overthe period of work in this area, he was in constant touch, b y letters,with Henry M. Muhlenburg, and that, when Peter Muhlenburg, son of Henrycame to th e area in 1772 to minister to the church in Woodstock,Winchester, and other churches, Pete r and Simon were close friends."

"H. M. Muhlenburg came to Pennsylvania in 1742 and formed the Lutheranministerium which shor tly embraced the territory of what is now all ofthe states between Maine and Georgia. Man y of those Lutherans whosettled Frederick and Shenandoah Counties, Virginia from 1742 forwar dwere from his congregations at New Hanover and Trappe, Pennsylvania, andhe was particular y concerned about the churches in Virginia as evidencedby the fact that he sent his son, Pet er, to serve in the churches inFrederick and Shenandoah Counties, Virginia. As documented i n Muellerhistory, Peter Muhlenburg left the ministry during the Revolutionary Warto becom e the General of the Eighth Virginia Regiment of the ContinentalArmy."

"According to tradition, Simon Harr joined the forces commanded byGeneral Peter Muhlenburg , and served as a clerk which was the equivalentof chaplain. This likely explains Simon's pr esence in Winchester in 1778and 1779. Too, he may have been in Winchester performing churc hrestoral work. The Lutheran church in Winchester was severely damaged bymilitary actions d uring the Revolutionary War."

"However, the record shows that Simon Harr returned to his church dutiesin Strasburg after h is military stint. Brumbaugh's ["Revolutionary WarRecords"] shows Simon Harr as a clerk i n Alexander Machir's company ofStrasburg, Virginia. His military service is of record in th e archivesdepartment of the Virginia State Library, Richmond, Virginia, nationalnumber 2828 28. (The above information from Paul Lawrence, 1998.)

Also from Paul: "A deed in Shenandoah Co., Virginia dated 8 June 1780,transferred several lo ts of land held in trust by Simon Harr toFrederick Segchrist upon reaching age 21. Frederic k Segchrist is heir tothe land from Frederick Printzlar who died intestate. The transactio nmentions that "Simon Harr intermarried with Eve Harr widow & relick ofthe said Frederick P rintzlar." Shenandoah Co. Virginia Deed Books A, B,C, D 1792-1784, Vol. 1, page 365.

BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE-SPOUSE: From the files of Taylor County Library,obtained by Jan Hornick, O ctober 30, 1998: "Simon Harr, minister,teacher in Strasburg, VA emmigrant from Germany to Ep hraeta Settlement,PA. Second (married) Eva Brouzler, b. Ger." Unknown submitter.

BIOGRAPHICAL NOTES-SONS-GRANDCHILDREN: "A History of Marion County, WestVirginia," 1985, pub lished by Marion County Historical Society, Inc.;FHL US/CAN Q 975.454 H2h: "Simon Harr live d at different times inFrederick and Shenandoah Counties in Virginia, practicing his profess ionin each. One of his sons, John, came to Marion County in the 1780's.(Two brothers sett led in Pennsylvania and Tennessee respectively).Submitted by Debra Gill Kines

MILITARY: Simon served in the Revolutionary War as a Clerk (Minister) inCaptain Alexander Ma chir's Company from the Strasburg District, DunmoreCounty (Shenandoah County), Virginia. www.rootsweb.com/~vashenan/rwmachirlist.html

BOUND OUT CHILD: William Ruse, base born child (illegitimate), bound toSimon Harr. Shenando ah County Court Records. "...no dates for theserecords but it appears that some of these ch ildren were orphans of theContinental Soldiers." www.rootsweb.com/~vashenan/orphans.html

POSSIBLE DAUGHTER: In the IGI, Addendum 1.0, is "Elizabeth SpanglerPinson Harr" who is the s pouse of Job Combs. She was born 1771 inShenandoah, Virginia. No parents are given.

POSSIBLE SON: In 1800 in the court records of Shenandoah, page 1, thereis a Christian Harr a nd his spouse Franey. In the same records on page88 is a transaction between David Harr an d David Rodeheffer.http://www.rootsweb.com/~vashenan/pg88.html

POSSIBLE RELATIONSHIPS: On 24 Aug 2002, Jan Gesas Hornick wrote to NancyAnn Harr Russell o f Fairmont, WV, Creekerrussell@aol.com: "Thank you fortrying to track down the obituary tha t told about Simon. I do wish wecould find proof that would either confirm or deny the rela tionshipbetween our John and Simon, the Lutheran minister. It may be a case ofone person s urmising the relationship, and then 20 others repeating thatinformation....OR it could possi bly be legitimate. One or two other ofSimon's sons were in the Monongalia County area fo r a time probably inthe early 1800's, but did not stay.

"Teri Sturm wrote in the genforum.familytreemaker.com/harr/messageswebsite on March 20, 1999 : 'There is a Mathias Harr in my family tree,but he was born around 1767. He married Mary H oge(?) on 10-28-1786 inShenandoah Co., WV. It is believed that they moved to Marion County ,WV.'"

The following notes are from Paul E. Lawrence, lawrpaul@citlink.net,received September 1998 . "It has commonly been believed that FrederickHarr and his wife moved to the Fairmont are a of Marion County,Virginia/West Virginia. A son Henry, was born March 26, 1793, who ha d ason David Porter Harr. Henry moved to Pennsylvania and thereafter Davidand other descend ants lived in Pennsylvania. [CI:184:?3:CI] Source wasAlfred Droke, 'Report on Simon Harr.'"

"Simon's possessions were inventoried following his death, though a JohnHarr is listed, it i s likely John Henry Harr, b. in 1761, son of Simonand Elizabeth, Simon's first wife. Simo n married Eve Beard or Bard in1774. Eve had previously been married to Frederick Prinzler [ Somereport the spelling to be Brouzler], who was deceased. It would appearthat they had a t least two children, possibly our John born in 1777 andDavid born about 1778. Eve died i n about 1789, which would have meantthe two boys were quite young, 11 and 12. Simon remarri ed a MargaretBaer in 1791, about two years after Eve's death.

"It should be noted that Simon's first son named John, b. 1761, was "JohnHenry Harr" and thi s John named several sons "John." John Joseph, b.1789; John Simon, b. 1791; John William, b . 1793, and a son John, b.1800, for whom I have no middle name. I have been told that amon g theseearly German-Americans, the males would usually be called by their middlenames, rath er than their first names, and that it was not unusual for afamily to have more than one liv ing child by the same first name!"

EARLY LUTHERAN RECORDS: The following information was sent by JoelThoreson, Asst. Archivist , Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, 8765W. Higgins Rd., Chicago, IL 60631-4109 via e-m ail on 14 December 2000:"I have checked a few sources, but have not been able to find much additional information on Simon Harr. We do not have much originalmaterials on the Lutheran C hurch in the East and the South, as thosesources stayed put when the ELCA was formed in 1988 . I checked a few ofthe secondary sources we have in our library:

"Simon Harr is not mentioned in Henry Melchior Muhlenberg'sCorrespondence, vol. 1, 1740-47 , but that would be too early for anycorrespondence. I do not have any additional volumes, b ut they may nothave been published yet.

"Simon Harr is also only mentioned in Muhlenberg's Journals, vol. 1-3, inone place where Muh lenberg refers to a letter received by him from Harr,but the text of the letter is not inclu ded.

"Harr is also not mentioned in History of the Lutheran Church in Virginiaand East Tennessee , 1930.

"The best source is The Lutheran Church in Virginia, 1717-1962 byWilliam E. Eisenberg, bu t you have already found that source. Since Harrwas not ordained, according to Eisenberg, h e is not included in theother histories of early Lutheran ministers in Virginia.

"From that volume (p. 21-22), however, I did find the followinginformation on the Ephrata Se ttlement:

"'Other Germans went westward beyond the confines of the ShenandoahValley proper to the Poto mac's south branch, which stretches one hundredfifty miles southward through the West Virgin ia counties of Hampshire,Hardy, Grant and Pendleton. Still others made their new homes on Patterson's creek which flows through Mineral County, W.Va., into thePotomac below Cumberland , Md.

"'Hardier spirits penetrated as far to the southwest as New river. Heretwo settlements wer e planted, wholly distinct and unrelated to eachother. The earlier one, known as the New Riv er Settlement, was in thevicinity of Price's Fork in Montgomery County... The later colony , begunin 1745 in the neighborhood of Radford, was founded by persons who hadfled from th e Sabbatarian cloisters at Ephrata, Pa. This strange andremote enterprise [meaning, I believ e, the New river settlement] wasabandoned after five years, however, some of its devotees re moving tothe Strasburg vicinity.'"

Here's a link to a site about the Ephrata community:http://www.horseshoe.cc/pennadutch/places/pennsylvania/lancasterco/towns/ephrata

GERMAN NAMING CUSTOMS: See http://www.kerchner.com/germname.htm byCharles F. Kerchner, Jr. , 1995-2002 Very helpful resource.

Here is a link to the Historical Records of St. Paul's Lutheran Church,Strasburg, Va.: http: //www.geocities.com/Heartland/Hills/6230/luth55.html

GERMAN IMMIGRATION: From the website of Gary T. Horlacher, last updatedOct 2001: "Prior to t he late 1800s there was no single country calledGermany. There were German people and ther e was a German language, butthey lived in a number of different kingdoms, principalities, du chies,etc. Each of these had its own local rulers and laws. Each of these islike a countr y of its own with its own customs, records, andparticularities."

Horlacher also wrote: "Although the term "Palatine Emigration" has beenapplied to this migra tion in general, the Germans were not only from thePalatinate (Pfalz) region. They were prim arily from protestant parts ofcentral and southern Germany which had been heavily hit in th e wars ofthe previous century. This was an era of change in central and southernGermany. Ma ny areas had been devastated during the 30 Years' War(1618-1648) and the subsequent War of L ouis XIV (1688-1697). The areashit hardest were those bordering France and along the Rhine R iver(Rheinland, Pfalz, Baden, Hessen, etc.). Many of these towns werepartially or completel y depopulated, so that new settlers were recruitedto re-settle from France (Huguenots), Swit zerland, and other parts ofGermany. As these villages slowly rebuilt and began to flourish a gain,the population quickly rose. Within about two generations there wasalready an overabu ndance of workers. Without hope of owning land ormaking a good living, the stories of possib ilities in America began tosound enticing!" www.horlacher.org/germany/ 
Harr, Simon or Hans Jacob or HAAR (I21250)
10152 [ewell.GED]


QUESTION: In the 1870 Census Kathleen Rizer reported that a "ZadockGreathouse, born about 18 65, died 1902 in Harrison County, WV" waslisted. NOTE: There is a Zaddock Greathouse born a bout 1812 who did diein 1902, perhaps confused with the 1870 Census Zaddock/Jonas?

!CENSUS: 1880 West Virginia, Preston, Valley Census; FHL Film #1255411,Page 325B: "Rawley Ba rker, Single, 26, Farmer [Head of Household]; NicyA. Greathouse, Sister, Widow, 38; Gus. Bar ker, Single, 29, Visitor; LeviBarker, Brother, Single, 43, Farming too; French Greathouse, N ephew, 23,At Home; Rolley Greathouse, Nephew, 21; Mary Greathouse, Niece, 19;Zedick Greatho use, Nephew, 16; Enrt E. Greathouse, Nephew, 14; Dellie M.Greathouse, Niece, 11; Sylvester G reathouse, Nephew, 6." NOTE: They andtheir parents were all born in WV. QUESTION: Is "Zedi ck Greathouse" thesame individual as Jonas?? 
Greathouse, Zaddock? (I21294)
10153 [FOLGER] Judith, ch. Daniel and Judith, Nov. 26, 1768. [Judith Jr., w.
Deliverance Rogers, d. Daniel and Judith (Worth),

Exported from database of Raymond T. Wing
e-mail: raymond.wing@snet.net 
Folger, Judith (I15254)
10154 [Joan3.FTW]

ID: I10739 Name: David ELLIS Given Name: David Surname: ELLIS Sex: M _UID: 60AB19C6E5F4F84E8CB38015B8CE3F1EC0AB Birth: 19 JUN 1789 in Hanover, Plymouth, MA Death: 19 APR 1862 in Lynn, Essex, MA

Father: Mordacai ELLIS
Mother: Mrs. Priscilla ELLIS

Marriage 1 Maria LOUD b: 11 OCT 1795 in Weymouth, Norfolk, MA
Married: 1 JAN 1817 in Hanover, Plymouth, MA
Maria Ann ELLIS b: 11 NOV 1817
Albert ELLIS b: 1 APR 1819
Lucinda ELLIS b: 22 OCT 1820
Sophia Dwelley ELLIS b: 22 JAN 1822
Sophia Dwelley ELLIS b: 14 APR 1825
Lydia Dwelley ELLIS b: 14 FEB 1827 in Hanover or Lynn, MA
David ELLIS b: 13 MAY 1828 in Lynn, Essex, MA
Sarah Jane ELLIS b: 7 OCT 1829 in Lynn, Essex, MA
Thomas Rogers ELLIS b: 12 APR 1831 in Lynn, Essex, MA
Mary Elizabeth ELLIS b: 6 OCT 1833 in Lynn, Essex, MA
Lucy Ann ELLIS b: 13 FEB 1835 in Lynn, Essex, MA 
Ellis, David (I14973)
10155 [Joan3.FTW]

Dave's Database
Entries: 184141 Updated: Fri Jun 13 09:11:13 2003 Contact: Dave Utzinger

ID: I135876
Name: Rebecca Ellis 1 Sex: F Birth: 17 MAR 1781 Death: 13 NOV 1827

Father: Mordecai Ellis b: 8 APR 1746 in Of Hanover, MA
Mother: Priscilla Rogers b: 27 FEB 1754

Marriage 1 William Gifford b: 22 MAR 1778 in Falmouth, MA
Married: 12 OCT 1803

Albert Gifford b: 31 AUG 1804
Mary Gifford b: 12 MAR 1806
Seth Gifford b: 23 OCT 1807
Phila Gifford b: 19 JUL 1809
William Gifford b: 5 FEB 1811
Rebecca Bourne Gifford b: 17 MAR 1813
David Ellis Gifford b: 1 FEB 1815
Lydia Gifford b: 9 MAR 1817
Joshua Gifford b: 6 MAR 1819
Sarah Gifford b: 15 JUN 1821
Susan Howland Gifford b: 21 FEB 1826

Sources: Title: NEHGR Repository: Call Number: Media: Book Page: 122:52, 134:130

1. William Gifford (Zaccheus Gifford4, William Gifford3, William Gifford2, William GIFFORD1) was born 22 MAR 1778 in Falmouth, MA, and died BET. 13 JUL 1863 - 17 APR 1865 in Falmouth, MA. He married Rebecca Ellis 12 OCT 1803, daughter of Mordecai Ellis and Priscilla Rogers. She was born 17 MAR 1781, and died 13 NOV 1827. He married Elizabeth Jordan 17 OCT 1844. She was born AUG 1800, and died 16 FEB 1891.

Children of William Gifford and Rebecca Ellis are:+ 2 i. Albert Gifford was born 31 AUG 1804, and died 9 SEP 1852.
3 ii. Mary Gifford was born 12 MAR 1806, and died 10 FEB 1895. She married John Hoag 26 JUN 1840. He was born in Of Sandwich, NH.
+ 4 iii. Seth Gifford was born 23 OCT 1807, and died 20 JAN 1856.
5 iv. Phila Gifford was born 19 JUL 1809, and died 1893.
6 v. William Gifford was born 5 FEB 1811. He married Marian H. Bailey 21 NOV 1833.
7 vi. Rebecca Bourne Gifford was born 17 MAR 1813, and died 6 SEP 1883.
8 vii. David Ellis Gifford was born 1 FEB 1815, and died 3 APR 1884. He married Mary Jordan 16 SEP 1845. She was born ABT. 1819, and died 19 JAN 1879.
9 viii. Lydia Gifford was born 9 MAR 1817, and died 20 MAR 1840. She married Alvin Hoag 13 OCT 1836, son of Joshua Hoag and Hannah.
10 ix. Joshua Gifford was born 6 MAR 1819, and died 22 SEP 1820.
11 x. Sarah Gifford was born 15 JUN 1821, and died 18 FEB 1913. She married Charles Miller 20 OCT 1849.
12 xi. Susan Howland Gifford was born 21 FEB 1826, and died 22 MAR 1839.


Descendant Register, Generation No. 2


2. Albert Gifford (William Gifford5, Zaccheus Gifford4, William Gifford3, William Gifford2, William GIFFORD1) was born 31 AUG 1804, and died 9 SEP 1852. He married Rhoda Barker 31 AUG 1836, daughter of Robert Barker and Ruth.

Children of Albert Gifford and Rhoda Barker are: 13 i. Rebecca Chase Gifford was born 21 MAY 1837.
14 ii. Robert Barker Gifford was born 22 FEB 1839.
15 iii. William Gifford was born 26 SEP 1840.
16 iv. Lydia Gifford was born 3 DEC 1842, and died 15 JUL 1865.

4. Seth Gifford (William Gifford5, Zaccheus Gifford4, William Gifford3, William Gifford2, William GIFFORD1) was born 23 OCT 1807, and died 20 JAN 1856. He married Mary Elizabeth Talbot JAN 1831 in Providence, RI.

Children of Seth Gifford and Mary Elizabeth Talbot are: 17 i. Cornelia Gifford was born 1832. She married D. E. Jordon , Rev..
18 ii. Clarence Talbot Gifford was born 30 AUG 1834. He married Jane Knowles. 
Ellis, Rebecca (I15079)
10156 [Joan3.FTW]

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ID: I135883
Name: Priscilla Rogers Ellis 1 Sex: F Birth: 30 APR 1787 Death: 8 DEC 1840 Burial: 12 DEC 1840 Old Friends' Burying Ground, West Falmouth, MA

Father: Mordecai Ellis b: 8 APR 1746 in Of Hanover, MA
Mother: Priscilla Rogers b: 27 FEB 1754
Marriage 1 Theophilus Gifford b: 14 MAR 1784 Married: 14 NOV 1804

Elizabeth Gifford b: 20 FEB 1807
Ellis Gifford b: 26 JUL 1809
Thomas Scattergood Gifford b: 20 JUL 1811
Azariah Shove Gifford b: 26 NOV 1813
Charity Gifford b: 15 MAR 1816
Hannah Gifford b: 9 FEB 1818
Huldah Gifford b: 26 NOV 1819
Samuel Gifford b: 13 DEC 1821
James Ellis Gifford b: 15 MAY 1832

Sources: Title: NEHGR Repository: Call Number: Media: Book Page: 122:52, 134:131 
Ellis, Priscilla Rogers (I15081)
10157 [Joan3.FTW]

Allen, George H. (I14957)
10158 [Joan3.FTW] Family F5819
10159 [Joan3.FTW] Family F5795
10160 [Joan3.FTW] Hanchett, Grace Pratt (I15004)
10161 [Joan3.FTW] Ellis, Mordecai (I14971)
10162 [Joan3.FTW] Ellis, Huldah (I14968)
10163 [Joan3.FTW] Ellis, Mordecai (I14965)
10164 [Joan3.FTW] Hanchett, Peter Shepard Jr. (I14956)
10165 [Joan3.FTW] Tregarthen, William Shepard (I14951)
10166 [Joan3.FTW] Tregarthen, Richard Thomas (I14827)
10167 [Joan3.FTW] Tregarthen, William Joseph (I14826)
10168 [Joan3.FTW] Tregarthen, Melville Hanchett (I14795)
10169 [Joan3.FTW] Hanchett, Peter Shephard (I14783)
10170 [Joan3.FTW] Tregarthen, Harold Shepard (I14778)
10171 [Joan3.FTW] Tregarthen, Edwin William (I14774)
10172 [Joan3.FTW] Tregarthen, James Francis Jr. (I14773)
10173 [Joan3.FTW] Tregarthen, Grace Elizabeth (I14772)
10174 [Joan3.FTW] Tregarthen, Robert James (I14739)
10175 [no name]Male 28 Dec 1853 Marion County Sylvester Yowell Margaret Jane Parsons
Kentucky Birth Records 1852 - 1910 
Yowell (I18288)
10176 [p. 212] November 16 day 1734 Then John Rogers jur of Harwich entered
this the intention of marriage betwee himself and mary winge of sd
John Rogers Son of Thomas Rogers and Bethiah Rogers of Marshfield And
Sarah Wing Daughter of Eben Wing and Elesabeth Wing of Sandwich . . .
. [were married] the 29th day of ye 10th mo Called December in ye year
of Lord 1737[CI:697:?4:CI]

[p. 212] November 16 day 1734 Then John Rogers jur of Harwich entered
this the intention of marriage betwee himself and mary winge of sd
John Rogers Son of Thomas Rogers and Bethiah Rogers of Marshfield And
Sarah Wing Daughter of Eben Wing and Elesabeth Wing of Sandwich . . .
. [were married] the 29th day of ye 10th mo Called December in ye year
of Lord 1737[CI:697:?4:CI] 
Family F3252
10177 [poss. the] ----- Wing, Jr.; private, Capt. Nathaniel Hammond's 2d
company; from Rochester to marshfield, service four days; April 20,
1775, date of marching. First name illegible.[CI:3376:?2:CI]

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(Research):Sex Surety:3 
Wing, John Jr. (I16076)
10178 _STATMARRIED Family F6490
10179 _STATMARRIED Family F6489
10180 _STATMARRIED Family F6488
10181 _STATMARRIED Family F6487
10182 _STATMARRIED Family F6486
10183 _STATMARRIED Family F6482
10184 _STATMARRIED Family F6481
10185 _STATMARRIED Family F6479
10186 _STATMARRIED Family F6478
10187 _STATMARRIED Family F6477
10188 _STATMARRIED Family F6476
10189 _STATMARRIED Family F6475
10190 _STATMARRIED Family F6474
10191 _STATMARRIED Family F6473
10192 _STATMARRIED Family F6472
10193 _STATMARRIED Family F6471
10194 _STATMARRIED Family F6470
10195 _STATMARRIED Family F6469
10196 _STATMARRIED Family F6468
10197 _STATMARRIED Family F5891
10198 _________________________________________________________________
By family tradition:
Ann Harris married ?? Woods. Mr. Woods left home one day and never returned. (Indians, animals, weather, lost, by intent???) At the birth of Colbert, Ann took her family name back. Therefore, Colbert Harris might more properly be Colbert Harris Woods. No information has been found on Mr. Woods to my knowledge. Charles J. Harris Jr., 12/28, 2001

Ref: Bill Hayward

Applications, 1795-1925
about Merriman C Harris Name: Merriman C Harris
Birth Date: 9 Jul 1846
Birth Place: Bellesville, Ohio
Age: 73
Gender: Male
Residence: New York
Passport Issue Date: 24 Dec 1919
Father Name: Colbert Harris
Father's Birth Location: Barnsville, Belmont Co, Ohio
Father's Residence: Deceased
Spouse Name: Elizabeth Best Harris
Passport Includes a Photo: Yes

Federal Census
about Calbert Harris Name: Calbert Harris
Age: 52
Birth Year: abt 1798
Birthplace: Maryland
Home in 1850: Sunsbury, Monroe, Ohio
Gender: Male
Family Number: 87
Household Members: Name Age
Calbert Harris 52
Catharine Harris 42
Thomas Harris 23
William Harris 21
John Harris 19
Sarah A Harris 17
Jeremiah Harris 14
Joseph Harris 12
Emily Harris 9
Isaac Harris 7
Merriman Harris 5
Huldah Harris 2 
Harris, Colbert (I15114)

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