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101 1 DATE NEHGS 1991 Source (S150)
102 1 DATE NEHGS 1991 Source (S149)
103 1 DATE NEHGS 1991 Source (S148)
104 1 DATE NEHGS 1991 Source (S147)
105 1 DATE NEHGS 1991 Source (S146)
106 1 DATE NEHGS 1991 Source (S144)
107 1 DATE NEHGS 1991 Source (S143)
108 1 DATE NEHGS 1991 Source (S142)
109 1 DATE NEHGS 1991 Source (S141)
110 1 DATE NEHGS 1991 Source (S140)
111 1 DATE NEHGS 1991 Source (S139)
112 1 DATE NEHGS 1991 Source (S138)
113 1 DATE NEHGS 1991 Source (S137)
114 1 DATE NEHGS 1991 Source (S136)
115 1 DATE NEHGS 1991 Source (S135)
116 1 DATE NEHGS 1991 Source (S134)
117 1 DATE NEHGS 1991 Source (S130)
118 1 DATE NEHGS 1991 Source (S131)
119 1 DATE NEHGS 1991 Source (S132)
120 1 DATE NEHGS 1991 Source (S129)
121 1 DATE NEHGS 1991 Source (S128)
122 1 DATE NEHGS 1991 Source (S127)
123 1 DATE NEHGS 1991 Source (S126)
124 1 DATE NEHGS 1991 Source (S125)
125 1 DATE NEHGS 1991 Source (S99)
126 1 DATE NEHGS 1991 Source (S98)
127 1 DATE NEHGS 1991 Source (S97)
128 1 DATE NEHGS 1991 Source (S96)
129 1 DATE NEHGS 1991 Source (S95)
130 1 DATE NEHGS 1991 Source (S19)
131 1 DATE NEHGS 1991 Source (S18)
132 1 DATE NEHGS 1991 Source (S17)
133 1 DATE NEHGS 1991 Source (S16)
134 1 DATE NEHGS 1991 Source (S15)
135 1 DATE NEHGS 1991 Source (S2)
136 Sat, 29 Oct 2005
From: "Jerry & Gail"
To: valenecollings@yahoo.com
Subject: Benjamin Britt and family
My name is Jerry Mitchell and my mother was a Britt. I found my Great-Grandfather William Joseph Britt's 1880 census record. He was living in Fort Worth, Texas with his first wife Mary Olcutt and a couple of her children from a previous marriage, and a W(illis) E. Britt and his wife. Willis was listed as a nephew and information I have found on him on-line indicates he married one of Mary Olcutt's daughters and that his father was Benjamin Britt and his mother a Ewell. The quandary I'm in is if Willis is truly William's nephew, then Benjamin would have to be William's brother. To date I have been unable to make that tie. William was born in 1838 in Georgia. I was hoping you might be able to shed some light on this for me. Do you know who Benjamin's parents were or if he had a brother named William? This has been bugging me for a couple of years now and I haven't been able to find anything other than a will for Benjamin in Harrison County Texas and the info online, neither of which provide a tie between them. Unfortunately the will did not mention William.

Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2007 16:31:21 -0800 Subject: Benjamin Britt info I might have written to you in the past, if so, sorry for the repeat. My name is Gerald Britt Mitchell and I live in California. I have been trying to establish a link between Benjamin W. Britt and my Great-Grandfather William Joseph Britt (or GG-Grandfather William Ramsey Britt). I believe they are brothers but I have nothing substantive to tie them together except for the following. Benjamin's son Willis E. Britt is listed in the 1880 census as living in W. J. Britt's household and married to Bessie (Alcott/Olcott -from other sources). Bessie was a step-daughter of William Joseph's. Willis also lived with Wm several times in the 1880's and 90's in Dallas according to some city directories I have found. William J. was born in 1838 but his father, William Ramsey Britt was born in 1815, much closer to Benjamin's birthdate. William Ramsey also died in Harrison County, Texas in 1854, the same place and year that Benjamin died. I have some of Benjamin's estate records which list James J. Britt as executor. A Jno. S. Britt is mentioned in William Ramsey's estate records. I am pretty sure these folks are all related somehow but I can't prove it and was hoping you might have some info that would help. Thanks in advance for your assistance. Regards, Jerry Mitchell

Feb 27, 2017 at 7:46 PM
My name is Georgette Britt Campbell
My father was Charles William Britt his grandmother was Bessie OLCOTT Britt
She had an Aunt  Mary Olcott  who  married  Joseph Britt of Jefferson Tx
in Savannah,Ga
Bessie came to visit her aunt and met & married Joseph Britt's  cousin
Willis Britt

Willis was the son of Benjamin Britt  who was a brother to

William Ramsey Britt
BIRTH 15 NOV 1815 • North Carolina
DEATH 09 MAY 1854 • Near Leigh, Harrison, Texas, USA

Benjamin and William were the sons of Mathew Britt and Elizabeth Ramsey

VaLene Collings
Mar 2, 2017 at 3:57 PM
       That all tracks except that my family says William Ramsey Britt was the son of William D. Britt of NC.  I haven't found anything concrete to refute that yet.  I'll keep trying. 
Many thanks,
Britt, Benjamin W. (I3672)
Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
Hirum EWELL Self M Male W 54 NY Farmer MA MA
Fanny EWEL Wife M Female W 52 NY Keeping House CT NY
Nellie F. EWELL Dau S Female W 14 NY Working Home NY NY
J. Henry EWELL Son S Male W 13 NY At Home NY NY
Jennie R. EWELL Dau S Female W 12 NY At Home NY NY
Willie H. EWELL Son S Male W 10 NY At Home NY NY
Miranda P. EWELL Sister S Female W 62 NY MA MA
Source Information: 1880 Census
Census Place Middlebury, Wyoming, New York
Family History Library Film 1254948
NA Film Number T9-0948

Burial at West Middlebury Cemetery 
Ewell, Hiram (I6410)

Lucy Powell Timothy Obituary

1933 - 2015

Lucy Powell Timothy passed through the veil on Monday, July 20, 2015, in Orem, Utah from Cancer.
Lucy was born on Monday, July 17, 1933. Lucy and her husband; Val left heaven holding hands. He left her at her parents' home to be born at 5:00 p.m., while he continued on to Roosevelt to be born at 5:40 p.m.
Lucy was the 11th of 14 children born on the farm to James William and Leah Vivian Ewell Powell. She sang with her Mother and learned to dance from her Father. Lucy married her High School sweetheart, P. Val Timothy on October 24, 1951 in the Salt Lake Temple.
Lucy was a strong organized and creative woman. Her home was always decorated beautifully and was always company ready. Lucy was a service oriented person. You could count on being fed when you visited her and her family loved to visit her often. Lucy was a faithful member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She served in many positions, but her favorite was when she and Val served together in the Vernal Temple, three days per week.
Lucy loved her family dearly and is survived by her husband; P. Val Timothy, her children; Teresa Lynn (John), Trina Kay, Presley Val Jr. (Sondra), Derk Powell (Tami), Melonie Gay (Don), and James Powell. Her siblings: Maurine (John A.) Smith, Billy Jim (Linda) Powell, and Calvin Philyp (Janet) Powell. Lucy is preceded in death by her daughter Valerie Leah (2011), grand-daughter babies: Julie (1980) and Jessica (1995). Also waiting to greet her are her parents, two brothers and six sisters.
A Funeral Service will be held on Saturday, July 25, 2015 at 1:00 p.m. at the Aspen 11th (5th) Ward Chapel, 965 West 2000 North, Orem Utah. A Visitation will be held at 12:00 p.m., 1 hour prior to the funeral service. Interment will take place at 11:00 a.m., on Monday, July 27, 2015 at the Bluebell City Cemetery in Bluebell, Utah. Condolences can be sent to the family at www.premierfuneral.com.

Published in Deseret News on July 23, 2015 
Powell, Lucy (I4404)

Thomas H. Euwell
Birth Date
19 Jul 1836
West Va.
Spouse's Name
Anna R. Allen
Spouse's Birth Date
19 Sep 1863
Spouse's Birthplace
Cass Co.
Event Date
21 Oct 1915
Event Place
Cass Co., Indiana
Father's Name
Mother's Name
Matilda Lee
Spouse's Father's Name
Wm. Uptigraph
Spouse's Mother's Name
Elizabeth Layton
Marital Status
Spouse's Race
Spouse's Marital Status

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Anna R Ewell
in the 1940 United States Federal Census


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Anna R Ewell
Estimated Birth Year:
abt 1864
Marital Status:
Relation to Head of House:
Home in 1940:
Pueblo, Pueblo, Colorado
Map of Home in 1940:
View Map
West 11th Street
House Number:
Inferred Residence in 1935:
Pueblo, Pueblo, Colorado
Residence in 1935:
Same House
Sheet Number:
Number of Household in Order of Visitation:
House Owned or Rented:
Value of Home or Monthly Rental if Rented:
Attended School or College:
Highest Grade Completed:
Elementary school, 8th grade
Weeks Worked in 1939:
Income Other Sources:
View others on page
Household Members:
Age 76
Anna R Ewell

Find A Grave Index, 1600s-Current

Anna R. Ewell
Birth Date:
19 Sep 1863
Death Date:
19 Dec 1949
Imperial Memorial Gardens
Burial or Cremation Place:
Pueblo, Pueblo County, Colorado, United States of America
Has Bio?:
Updegraff, Anna R (I16181)

R Doug Williams chart gives birth and death of his 3rd Gr Grandparents. Letter filed in Charles Ewell Folder, Dated March 11, 1999 
Middleton, Ann (I10778)

R Doug Williams chart gives birth and death of his 3rd Gr Grandparents. Letter filed in Charles Ewell Folder, Dated March 11, 1999 
Douglass, Benjamin Jr (I3228)

Report issue
Effie Lee Ewell
Marriage Age:
Birth Date:
abt 1882
Birth Place:
Missouri, USA
Marriage Date:
21 May 1899
Marriage Place:
Garfield, Whitman, Washington, USA
P D Ewell
Jennie Ewell
J Monroe Williams  
Family F5545

I am excited that I found some new information at the library. I have been looking for church records for three years. I was not sure how many of the John Glines and Maria Matthews family joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The earliest record of their conversion I found some time ago is:
"A Study of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Upper Canada" 1830-1850 / by Richard E Bennett. film # 1440910 item 1
Clines, (Unknown) and family; place of conversion Toronto, 1836
(The clerk possibly spelled the family name wrong)
The following is new information to me.
Film 0001919 item 4 (I have only typed the names from the list from our family, there are many names on the list.)
Quincy, Illinois record of members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: 1840 - 1845

21 Jun 1840
Samantha Glines

April 20 [1843?] The writing on this page is very faint.
Eric Glines was cut off for Bad conduct.

21 Nov 1843
removed Samantha Glines (Her name is spelled Samantha Clines on another page)
removed Harriet Ana Glines
cut off Eric Glines
absconded Hearick Glines

TIB: Walter E. Grant proxy g. nep.

Line 2493 from GEDCOM File not recognizable or too long:
BAPL 2 FEB 1846 REB 2 APR 1935
From Ancestral File (TM), data as of 2 January 1996.
His first baptism had to be before 2 Feb 1846 as that is the date he received his washings and anointings in the Nauvoo Temple. No record of further endowment in the Nauvoo Temple. The place of birth is left blank in the Nauvoo Temple Register.

Iowa Branch Index 1839 - 1859
Glines Eric unit Pottawattamie p 96
Record found in the Church Historical Dept

!U S Census 1850 Page Co. Iowa lists Enoch Glynes
Dist no 22 page 005

Or born New Hampshire, or Vermont
Died age 58; suicide newspaper article says age 59
Eric died at 58 years 7 months.

I just received the following transcription of Eric M. Glines death

died: 4 May 1881
age: 59 years, native of New Hampshire
Had a son and two daughters teaching school
around Lakeport
Place of death: Santa Rosa
Cause of death: Chloroform and strangulation by own hand
An inmate ofC County Hospital who left
on free will
Witnesses: Pat Callagher, William Patterson, Keep Eagle Hotel
in Santa Rosa. R. ______ Smith, M. D.
Information: Death book

In a letter from Clayton Wray to Dollie Davenport he says, "What I have heard indirectly about Eric Glines? He was in trouble with the law several times over the years. He spent time in San Quentin Prison for offenses unknown to me. He committed suicide. My great grandfather Rantz once shot him as it reported he was molesting "the girls". Great grandfather Rantz was found not guilty. What part of this is true, I do not know or care little about.
However, I am in the process of verification of the genealogy information that I have and any assistance you can provide me with will be appreciated on the Glines.

TIB: Abner Thorn

Eric Glines married Nancy Glines 3 May 1865. Marriage record, page 49,
code 123, Quincy, Adams County, Illinois courthouse.
Nancy trying to get her pension back.
Eddyville, Wapollo County, Iowa
Oct . 2nd 1865
Will you please give me your opinion in regards to the following case. A
Widow, who had been placed on the pension list at $8.00 per month,
Remarried. Soon after remarriage her husband left her, and afterwards
wrote her, that he had a wife living in California. Does she now
essentialy forfeit her Pension by this marriage? She has "remarried" to ,
on account of his having a living wife at this time of the marriage. She
has his letter acknowledging that fact.
She also has her pension certificate.
Respectfally yours,
R W Boyd
Dept. of Interior
Pension Office, Oct. 9, 1865
Be pleased to state the name and residence of the pensioner refered
to in your letter of the 25, as having contracted an illegal marriage.
Thomas Peanon, for commissioner

The Pensioner's name is Nancy Glines-resides in Mahaska Co., Iowa. Post
Office Eddyville, Wapollo Co., Iowa. Her Name is not changed by her late
marriage as SHE Married a man of the same name of her former husband.
Eddyville Oct 16, 1865 Respectfully, R W Boyd

Joanna, now you know.
Sally: My G G Grandfather was John, G Grandfather was Robert,
Grandfather was Robert, Father was William Robert Glines.
Barbara and I have exchanged some information,
To Barbara : I have recieved the three envelopes you sent to me,. Thanks
a lot.
From: Elmer L. Glines
e-mail: elglines@juno.com

!Records Rehan Dunnigan said that they believe he could have been born in New Hampshire. 
Glines, Eric McArthur (I1042)

1800, Feb 3 Marriage Records of Monroe County, West VA; IGI.
1815, Daughter, Hannah is born in Knox Co Kentucky
1830, Ray Co Mo census index
1831, Aug 31 Permount Lee buys land in Ray co. MO
1839, May 18 Quincy Illinois, a Bill of Damages against the State of Missouri for being driven from the state by a mob and loss of property in that state and moveing from the State, I charge Five hundred dollars. I certify the above to be true and just a cording to the best of my knowledge. Permert Lee
1840, Census Hancock ILL P. Lee
1841, March Nauvoo 2nd Ward Census Rec. page 76
Lee, Permit & Ester, 2 members under 8 years old, Hannah & Ailia [ages were not listed]
1842, Hancock Co Ill Tax Book, Purmer Lee, north east section of Nauvoo

Permit Jr. is name on FG sheet Ref. William T. Ewell Sr.

Found John son of Permit and Esther Lee in the IGI, haven't been able to document this child.
John is listed on a Family group sheet found in the Archive section as Permit's son, William T. Ewell Jr. was the submitter

TIB record of dau. Hannah, states parents in her endowment record.
Ailia birth date was estimated from the Nauvoo 2nd Ward records as under 8 years old. 
LEE, Permit Jr. (I84)

Birth Surety:3

Descendants of Rev. John Wing
Entries: 17322 Updated: Sun Nov 28 12:00:14 1999 Contact: Raymond T. Wing Home Page: Descendants of Matthew Wing

ID: I2000426
Name: Thomas WING RFN: 2000426 Reference Number: OWL #437 Change Date: 15 NOV 1999 Sex: M 1 Quality: 3
Birth: 2 Quality: 3 03 FEB 1739/1740 in Dartmouth, Bristol, MA Change Date: 12 NOV 1999

Event: resided 2 Quality: 3 1762 Dover, Dutchess, NY
Note: A family tradition relates that soon after their marriage, Thomas and Hannah made the journey on horseback from Dartmouth to Dover, Dutchess County, N. Y. and there founded their new home. They settled upon a tract of land, the next farm north from the place of Colonel Andrew Morehouse, on the road leasing east along the Ten Mile river, a little short of a mile from the present station at Wingdale, N. Y. Here Thomas and his brother Jonathan owned a very large tract of land. Thomas, soon after his settlement in Dover, renounced his Quaker faith and became a staunch Methodist, and one of the original members of that Society at Sharon, Connecticut, just across the eastern line of the State. A church was afterwards organized near where he resided in Dover.[CI:1721:?4:CI]

Change Date: 12 JUN 1999 Event: church membership Sharon, Litchfield, CT Note: Thomas became after his settlement in Dutchess County a staunch Methodist, altho he had been reared in the Quaker faith, and he became one of the original members of that society in Sharon, Connecticutt, just across the eastern line of the state.[CI:3577:?4:CI]

Change Date: 12 NOV 1999 Event: census 1790 3 Quality: 3 1790 New Fairfield, CT Change Date: 13 NOV 1999 Death: 2 Quality: 3 1823 in Dover, Dutchess, NY Change Date: 29 DEC 1997

Father: Benjamin WING b: 01 JUL 1698 in Dartmouth, Bristol, MA
Mother: Rhoda ROGERS b: 25 MAY 1713 in Marshfield, Plymouth, MA

Marriage 1 Hannah WHITE b: 28 MAR 1744 in Dartmouth, Bristol, MA
Married: 4 21 FEB 1762 in Tiverton, Newport, RI

Note: 2-39 WING Thomas, and Hannah White, both of Dartmouth; m. by Restcome Sanford, Justice, Feb. 21, 1762.[CI:2584:?4:CI] Change Date: 29 DEC 1997

Thurston WING b: 30 NOV 1762 in Dover, Dutchess, NY
George White WING b: 7 JAN 1766
Benjamin WING b: DEC 1767
Bethia WING b: 1769 in Dover, Dutchess, NY
Jackson WING b: 25 OCT 1771 in Dover, Dutchess, NY
Mary WING b: 1 APR 1780 in Dover, Dutchess, NY
Amy WING b: 24 AUG 1781 in Dover, Dutchess, NY
Catherine WING b: 1782 in Dover, Dutchess, NY
Elizabeth WING b: 2 OCT 1782 in Dover, Dutchess, NY
Deborah WING b: ABT 1784 in Dover, Dutchess, NY
Rhoda WING b: ABT 1787 in Dover, Dutchess, NY

Sources: Title: The Owl published Quarterly from 1899-1934, annually from 1939 Publication: Wing Family of America, Inc. Abbrev: WFA, Owl Type: Book, Multi-Volume Date: 30 DEC 1998 Note: DEC 1909, p. 866; MAR 1910, p. 893; SEP 1916, pp. 1592 Title: The Owl published Quarterly from 1899-1934, annually from 1939 Publication: Wing Family of America, Inc. Abbrev: WFA, Owl Type: Book, Multi-Volume Date: 30 DEC 1998 Note: SEP 1916, p. 1592 Title: The Owl published Quarterly from 1899-1934, annually from 1939 Publication: Wing Family of America, Inc. Abbrev: WFA, Owl Type: Book, Multi-Volume Date: 30 DEC 1998 Note: SEP 1910, p. 954 Author: Roser, Susan Title: Mayflower Series Abbrev: Roser, Susan, Mayflower Series Type: Book One Of Series Date: 4 DEC 1998 Note: Mayflower Marriages, page 332

My family papers state that Thomas Wing raised his 3 Grandchildren, one son and 2 daughters of Bethiah Wing and Agrippa Martin II. Thomas, in his will, mentioned the grandchildren but not by name.
e-mail from descendant, Barb Dibble Kuenzig, 23 Sep 2005 
Wing, Thomas (I7621)

BIRTH: Also shown as Born , Princess Anne, Virginia. 
Ewell, Solomon (I6102)

BIRTH: Also shown as Born 1608 
Boys, Ann (I7343)

BIRTH: Also shown as Born Barfrestone, Canterbury, Kent, Eng. 
Ewell, Jane (I7324)

BIRTH: Also shown as Born Kent Co., England.

BIRTH: Also shown as Born Abt 1565 
Harris, Margaret (I7323)

BIRTH: Also shown as Born Salt Lake City, S.Lk., UT. 
Houtz, John Shannon Jr. (I4759)

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